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here is a detailed description of how a website is developed from inception to launch



Here is an overview of our web project management process


Before we can build anything- web or other media, we need to know what it is we are building. We will work with your team to best evaluate your specific needs & wants. You will be asked to answer questions such as providing an approximate page count for your website, helping determine any required server side functionalities, or providing some example website links you might want to partially emulate. This phase is brief but vital, successful goal definition is the very foundation of a successful project.


Once the project requirements have been thoroughly understood on both sides we then proceed to plot the way forward.
The first step is production of a website map, which is a visual depiction of the skeleton of the website- its pages, along with the life force of the website, which are the actions and user interactions involved. Drilling a little deeper leads us into mapping out wire frames for any key web pages such as shopping carts etc. With a site map and page wireframes in hand we are then ready to move into website design.

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The methodology is always the same- design is always first, then development. Utilizing the framework we’ve gotten so far, along with all client feedback we’ve received we advance to the design phase. Our primary website design tool is Adobe Photoshop. We’ll present you with a first draft of the website’s home page as an image for your feedback. Based on the decisions reached we’ll then apply any revisions needed. When the home page design has been fully approved we’ll apply the same approach to the other website pages. Further revisions will be made as needed until you give the go ahead to initiate the site construction based fully on the representative page images as described above.


The approved website page designs will now be sliced into much smaller image components to allow coding to begin.The front end code is composed mainly of html/css and .js. This programming breathes life into the site pages in a static sense, allowing them to exist and attain visibility. Just about any website delivered by Big Orange Planet will come with an administration panel allowing site stakeholder access to manage all web content onsite. Our next step is to bring all the web pages together into a cohesive structure under the umbrella and control of the back end management console.
After testing and any necessary debugging has been completed we’ll launch the website and fulfill the objectives. That’s the process in a nutshell.

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Concrete goal definition yields sitemap and page wireframes.

Successful signoff by client of home page design in photoshop.

Full signoff on all page designs and development goals brings up the web coding phase..

Website code implementation finished and pre-launch testing and debugging begins.

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The iterative process steps involved in a successful web development project outcome