What is SEO

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, represents a vital understanding of how search engines actually work and how to best manipulate them in your favor. Its a multi faceted industry that is constantly in flux as search engine algorithmns are constantly updated in the quest to provide ever better results for users. While this may sound altruistic, it really isn't. Their goal is profits on a massive scale, provided by folks who can't rank high enough organically and thus yield to buying paid advertising. 

Some high level tips to rank well:
  • Mobile compatibility and device responsivity are key.
  • The website needs to load fast, if users don't like it (as in slow load time), neither does google.
  • Title and description tags need to be well thought out, and incorporate your most important keywords where possible.
  • Images should always be described for search robots using tags, so they can 'understand' what the image means.
  • Content really is king these days, make sure its informative and helpful, not spammy.
"Ihave used this great company on a few occasions now to create or update my websites. They are very responsive and responsible with their work. I have recommended them frequently to other people in multiple industries who have all had a good experience. After the start of the process they were clear about the work to be performed and concise with content and timeframe. I will use them over and over in my internet life!"
Phil Heep, Partner, Fineline Inspection Services

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