We created the Stempora CMS framework, in use Worldwide. Key Features: PHP5+ object-oriented programming (OOP) technique; modular structure. Easy content publishing and updating: powered by a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Content Editor that offers style formatting, spell checking, and multimedia management.

Access levels per module: allow multiple users to work on your website by giving them different access levels and permissions. Separate frontend display rules: by simply clearing a checkbox in the CMS, you can set each menu item/page/section to appear only on desktops, tablets and/or mobile phones.

Dynamic widgets: whenever content is updated in that widget, the updates are applied to every page where the widget appears, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency. New pages by clicking: flexibility to create new pages based on instance modules with incorporated custom design.

Tablet-ready: 100% responsive, designed and tested so you can really use all the CMS features effortlessly and remotely even from a tablet. Advanced e-commerce functionality: the CMS has an incredible range of built in features that allow handling of every type of required process imaginable.

Stable and secure: manual switch HTTP/HTTPS (with auto-redirects) for entire website or just for protected modules, no 3rd party PHP extensions/plugins, fully protected/tested for MYSQL injection, custom errors handler and email notification.