Google Small Business can provide very direct, inexpensive, and targeted leads to your business. To stand above the pack there's a few things to know, and having a solid local citation strategy is definitely one of them.

You've ticked all the boxes within your Google SMB admin panel for content, categories etc and you're feeling good about your reviews and your local profile overall. However you don't appear to be having any success displaying in local 3 pack results for your chosen keywords. Not only are you not displaying in these highly important results, you're not even close- so why not?

The short answer is your website may be viewed with low trust by Google and this low trust factor is the root cause of your ranking results. And if this is the cause, then a low level of local co-citations is most likely the underlying factor, (or indeed low quality co-citations).  The next question is what are co-citations and how does one implement them?

Local citations are essentially business listings similar to those we are discussing, but on different platforms. Some behemoths you will have heard of include Facebook, Yelp and Bing. There are hundreds of others you've probably never heard of. Essentially they are all sites centered around showing business listings. They are all roughly similar, while of course having their own interfaces.

What needs to happen for folks wishing to avail of better local rankings in such situations, is to engineer an effective strategy to get these links in place, accurately. Its critical to get the NAP values correct and fully consistent- NAP standing for Name, Address, Phone #. The more consistent entries on the directory sites that feed google's local algorithmns the better, its really that simple. Finding suitable web directories is not overly complex, accessing them is often the problem. For more info on this process please contact us.