GoDaddy Shares Trends in Web Design for 2022

GoDaddy, a company that offers web hosting and domain registration, has given its insight into the digital tools and web trends it thinks will be important for businesses in 2022.

Having a website has long been recognized as a must for many businesses, and the pandemic with its associated lockdowns and restrictions has only served to emphasize how critical that is. If you don’t already have a website for your business or are thinking your existing one needs updating, a good Denver web design agency could benefit your company significantly. The best Denver web design companies keep constantly abreast of what’s hot and what’s not and can advise you on a web design that will resonate with your customer base.

GoDaddy offers a selection of online tools to help companies at all stages of their lifecycle to turn their websites into a positive asset.

But once you have your domain name and web hosting sorted, you’ll want a website design that will ensure your business stands out from your competitors’. It must be easy to use, easy to navigate, and most of all, it must have a style and design that suits your brand and your audience’s tastes and preferences.

Here are four of GoDaddy’s recommendations for 2022.

Trend 1: Mini-max principle

Minimalism in our homes is all the rage at the moment but is the same true for websites? Of course, you want a clean-looking, uncluttered site that’s easy on your visitors’ eye, but is “less is more,” sticking exclusively to minimalism’s core principles like clean lines and muted colors going to be repetitive or boring?

GoDaddy recommends that if you adopt minimalism, you combine it with a few bright colors to make sure it still stands out. You can use vibrant color touches to draw the visitor’s attention to specific areas to your pages where you want them to focus – on calls to action, for instance.

Other tweaks to the minimal approach can also draw the audience’s eye to key elements, as well as potentially making your website easier to interact with. Bigger buttons or a larger font in certain areas to break up text are examples of how you can achieve this.

Trend 2: Have a hero visual

Selecting a single powerful image for your homepage or other pages visitors are most likely to land on can help your brand stand out better and more quickly. A sole, major visual that draws the attention and encapsulates your company’s products and services rather than adding a whole load of pictures just to fill up the site is likely to be far more appealing to your viewing audience.

Selecting photos that are relevant and support your brand is critical. Images that combine nature and the outdoors are becoming increasingly popular. People who are enjoying themselves or images that evoke a certain lifestyle are also very much in favor and will be appreciated by consumers who have a desire to travel or just outside in general – not least, perhaps, because of the new sense of freedom as COVID-19 restrictions lift.

Trend 3: Leverage a little throwback

Certain trends come and then rarely go out of style again – the enduring influence of ’90s fashion, for instance. And that’s no less true in terms of web design, where the principles established in the early days of the internet still linger. That means pages that offer useful information and clearly display a company’s services and products in easily accessible areas on the website. That kind of site will always remain relevant.

Take some time to think about combining the ultra-modern elements with features that hark back to yesteryear, like serif fonts, smoother textures and white spaces. You can experiment with web design companies in Denver regarding various kinds of web design concepts, layout ideas, and content till you find one that fits your business, tells the story of your brand and creates a connection with your current and prospective customers.

Choose the right website creator tool

If you’re on a tight budget, GoDaddy provides its GoDaddy Website Builder, a convenient website-based solution that allows businesses and creatives to start with a pattern from hundreds of free alternatives combined with quality and engaging pictures. The template also includes a dashboard for managing everything online-related.

But if you want a truly unique web presence that accurately represents your brand and helps build your business, you could opt instead for a dedicated web design company. A good web designer will take the time to get to understand what you’re trying to achieve and will have the technical and creative skills to build you a stylish, engaging and productive website that really helps you attract and retain new customers.

The Reliable Web Development and Design Company

Your online web presence can make or break your business. This has never been truer than it is now, as everything becomes increasingly digital and people rely on the internet to buy everything they need. Without a digital existence, you are losing a lot of money and opportunity.

With just a click, customers will judge your business. The moment they enter your website, they can make a snap decision as to whether you are worthy of their business. Therefore, it’s critical to make sure that your brand has a strong online impact. Your website must be clean yet functional if you want to present your products properly to the market.

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