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Professional Custom Website Design, E-Commerce Website Development, Graphic & Logo Design, Branding, Search Engine Optimization.



Web Design, Development, Marketing & SEO

Developing Top Web Solutions since 2002.

For over 20 years we have worked in many different systems & frameworks. The technologies that generate websites are constantly evolving, Big Orange Planet provides consistent excellence.

We work with a huge variety of industries, consultants, & service providers, eschewing specific niches in favor of providing optimal solutions for everybody. 

Big Orange Planet design & build custom web sites for every need & budget. We provide complimentary consultation on website development & marketing projects. We love to help.

Call 720-272-0770 or Email.

How can we help you?

Do you need a new website?

maybe one that's not going to get hacked on launch and doesn't rely on templates? We build fully customized highly secure websites and have been doing so since 2002. Our technology does not rely on templated systems with their inherent vulnerabilities.

Is your brand & company identity where you want it to be? With 20 years experience doing what we do, we are confident in providing the most compelling logos and brand experiences available anywhere.

How can I offer a little pizazz to my website or digital presence? 

Animation is the key, everyone loves it but they may not admit it. We provide custom highly advanced animation techniques guaranteed to 'make it pop'- cliche we know

What does website design look like?

The overall look and feel of a website are determined by the web design process. It’s the art of developing facets of a website, from overall structure and layout to images, color scheme, fonts, and graphics. Website design and web development are 2 separate yet related things(which is the coding that runs the design); it’s the process of planning and building different components of the website."    

What about marketing?

Big Orange Planet provides SEO and digital marketing- our solutions spring from lengthy experience and the ever present need to adapt. We have 20 years of experience in development and search engine optimization.


Latest Projects

Our Services

Web Design

Your company website will always be a vital asset. We implement advanced web solutions that work every time.


Branding, including logo and business card design, is a key service, often times our point of initial engagement. A logo in effect defines a brand, and a brand defines a website's look and feel.

Graphic Design

The design defines the brand- do it right and you will look great.


How a website moves and feels is an ultra critical design component. To today's astute user the movement defines the quality.


SEO is a key component in any marketing arsenal. Big Orange Planet has been at the top of local and organic search techniques for many years.


Our firm is adept at both video editing and production, in After Effects. For today's site user, video is critical for a positive user experience.


Q. I know web templates are used a lot- can you custom build websites?

A. Yes its correct that the majority of websites these days are built using templates purchased generally from online marketplaces. While we also build sites in this manner, we differ from most of our competitors in that we can and do build websites from scratch, designing in photoshop, and hand coding everything.

In addition the Stempora organization, which we're a part of, runs its own template marketplace.

Q. I've spoken to numerous developers, and gotten radically different price quotes- why?

A. A confusing common problem for sure. At the top end of pricing are the large agencies and studios who use you to pay their overhead. At the bottom are inferior developers who are likely to issue somewhat desperate quotes, leading to shoddy products. We develop products as good as anyone, but have low overhead, so are our websites and other services are affordable, yet high quality.This is how we structured our agency from the beginning.

Q. Do you offer multiple variations to choose from of logos, web page designs etc?

A. We steer clients clear of picking from several average versions vs starting with the right one. Of course we offer re-concepting as needed. We shun mediocrity and have found this approach produces the best results consistently.

In very many cases we design a company logo before any other tasks are performed. Variations within a logo design scheme are normal. A business logo is always the key to the rest of the brand.

Q. I have plenty of service provider options, why select you folks?

A. The quality of what we've produced for others, is your best indicator of what you'll receive from us. There are many classes of quality available at a huge range of prices.Our Denver web design company has been involved in bids where one person or organization literally bid 10 times what another provider did. If you're receiving such a wide disparity of bids, your natural reaction is "what the"? We are what we make. Check our portfolio here: We understand how confusing the selection process of hiring a web designer can be and fully sympathize- the bottomline is do your research well and don't fall for the snake oil.

Overall, always, we strongly encourage anyone considering hiring a web designer, to take a good look at the designer's portfolio.

Q. What type of companies do you typically design websites for?

A. Big Orange Planet has developed websites and brands for oil companies, construction companies, doctors, dentists, engineering firms, lawyers, restaurants, architects, pharmaceutical companies, ecommerce stores, interior designers, software companies, non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and many more. We are flexible always to build anything needed, our only requirement is that whatever the task may be, it has to match our quality standards. A professional and appealing website presence is a must. Each project is of course unique- but what makes the difference is many years of experience. Our mission is, and has been for almost 20 years,to build the very best websites we are capable of, regardless of the type of website.

Q. How much is my website going to cost? Will you issue a fixed bid? 

After an initial free consultation, we will provide a proposal and anticipated budget with no obligations. All projects are different by nature. We want you to be comfortable hiring us for your web build or graphic needs. We honor our bids always, regardless of any potential unforseen over-runs. Nobody likes a moving goal post.There is huge variance in cost of development within our industry.It tends to range from the ridiculous to the sublime. We are neither end of the spectrum, rather, exactly where we should be.

Once any website we build is fully paid for, ownership of the code and site is transferred to the buyer.

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