Our firm gets asked to work with all kinds of organizations. On more than one occasion its being rocket scientists doing the asking. Here's what then transpired.

In roughly 2009, Ophir Corporation in Littleton, CO, reached out to us in search of a new web presence. Although the company had been around a long time they did not have a website. As we got to know the organization it became apparent that they were indeed of the rocket scientist persuasion. They turned out to have NASA's permission to utilize all kinds of proprietary NASA image assets. Such images were key going forward into the design phase.

At that time Big Orange Planet was using V2.0 of the Stempora content management framework. It had been recently released, and the Ophir website was one of the first built on its backbone, providing us with useful real world experience. However the site build took place before the inexorable rise of the handheld device accelerated. A few years later the company elected to replace the website we built with a new responsive site, also built by Big Orange Planet.

This time around we also got to go and photograph the principals and integrate those photos into the bios page on the new site. Again we had free rein to incluse many great shots of stealth fighters, near space, and more. The final product is viewable at http://www.ophir.com/

Satellite builders York Space Systems was another band of rocket scientists Big Orange Planet engaged with in 2018. Based on the Auraria College Campus in downtown Denver, York is a recently launched satellite development firm. As such they had put together a somewhat rudimentary website in house. This had been built on the Wordpress platform, due to their familiarity with the interface, we elected to build the new website on Wordpress also. A mix of photos and renderings provided the imagery and the final result is here: Yorkspacesystems.com