Project Overview

Jones & Keller are a large Denver law firm who have a huge 27 practice areas and 31  individual attorneys. Therefore the main objective for their new site was to make this wealth of information simple and intuitive to navigate.

J & k Practice areas

For the practice areas we employed color coding, so for example Litigation & Regulation currently has seven subsections practice areas. Which are all represented in the navigation by a lime yellow. These practice areas are often changing as new attorneys with new areas of specialty join the firm, and so we custom built the color dilatation into the word press frame work via categories selection in the admin.

We have used this categorizing by color approach to great effect before for the Society of Petroleum Engineers Denver section site.

However for SPE we developed their site not on word press but on our own custom php content management system called Stempor. The reason being that SPE site is both a vast wealth of constantly changing event information, user registration and payment for events. Therfore requires a more robust platform than word press alone.

Attorneys democracy!

The 31 attorneys of J & K need to be represented on the site in number of ways, both alphabetically and “randomly”. For example:

  1. At the bottom of the home page a selection of all attorneys other than associate attorneys, is shown. This selection is randomized in the code, so that each time the site user refreshes the home page a new selection of attorneys will appear here. Therefore giving equal representation to all.

Under these home page attorneys there is then the search area “Find your Attorney by Practice or Name”, which invites the site user to drill down to more specific attorney categorization. So if I select ”banking” I get the 11 attorneys who currently practice that. Here though attorneys are listed alphabetically, not “randomly”.

This “Find your Attorney by Practice or Name” search area is also employed on the bottom of the Practice page and the Attorney page. Meaning that no matter where you are on the site you can always find the type of attorney you need instantly.

2. On the Attorneys main page representation is always alphabetical

3. However when the site user is on a specific Practices page, so for example the “Banking” page all the attorneys who practice banking will all be shown randomly, meaning that like the home page, each time the user refreshes or returns to that page the order of the attorneys shown will be reshuffled.

So to summarize, for the attorneys we have created a word press portfolio type module that can work in different ways depending on representation requirements in specific areas. Pretty neat!

Other special considerations specific to attoneys:

Each individual attorneys bio has phone number, email, PDF and Vcard download. Standard stuff (but laid out for J & K by BOP much more cleanly than most law firm web sites!). Also see the black bar of interactive information at the bottom of each bio that shows Practice areas, Education and licensed in info for each individual attorney. With so many law firm web sites information within bio pages can feel like an onslaught. Not something a web user will even actually read because it feels messy and / or overwhelming.

With J & K we were extremely conscious of this when designing initial page lay out. Also we had to factor into consideration that the 31 attorneys did not all have the same length of bio, or even bios laid out in the same format (ie not all are broken down via similar subcategories or even bullet point). When building the word press content management system, that will in future be used by the client to add new attorneys, this is a huge consideration. How to make sure consistency will be applied across non constant formatting.

Bop have a lot of experience in creating such solutions for information. Here for example is yet another law firm we created a word press site for

Here we dealt with a Bio in a slightly different fashion but still to great effect. note for Lsjury BOP made created the logo! For more examples of our logos see here

And finally, there need to be 3 types of blog represented in 4 types of ways

J & k have a News page that shows both News & Announcements

They also have a page for their Articles, which they wanted to look and function in a different fashion to the news page. Which of course we made happen!

Finally on the bottom of the homepage we have the three tabs Practices / News / Attorneys. Here when the news tab is selected in shows ONLY news articles (so not announcement). The news article selection shown here can be altered to show specific categories of news only, or to shuffle by newest to oldest, or even again to randomize. All this is available in the custom word press admin we designed.

These 3 tabs Practices / News / Attorneys are used also within the About page and on each of the individual attorney pages.

Therefore the main objectives when designing Jones & Kellers new site were:

  • An overview of the process of developing this site: Initially we design the look and feel of the site in Photoshop via color/ font/ image & space.
  • Then designed the animation & flow of site, ie how it moves with user interaction, or ui.
  • You can apply many millions of effects to things like how the navigation reacts, or how images react when rolled over. These all add to create a certain experience, and user confidence, or ux.
  • We built this site as custom word press (so not just an off the shelf word press theme, but built the other way around, from the initial Photoshop page design layouts up).