Big Orange Planet has been the agency of choice for several different oil company websites recently. Herein follows what we hope is a good insight into how the process went in each case and what is to be learned from same.

Chronologically speaking the first oil company we engages with was Liberty Frac. This organization is a major player in the fracing industry in the American West. When we first opened discussions they had an older website with no content management tools and no responsive behavior.

They needed first and foremost much the same thing most of our clients come looking for- credibility. The website needed to show a quality presence, clean and professionally designed. While not looking to be found in search, its a given that folks who come into contact with your organization will quickly access your website. Creating a great first impression is very important.

Additionally Liberty needed resume handlng capabilities for large numbers of job applicants. As they often receive dozens of applications daily, we engineered a system to store thousands of resumes with easy search functionality built in. This allows their HR department to keep potentially hireable candidates on file until such time as a suitable position presents itself.

The Denver Society of petroleum engineers needed a new website with custom functionality built in. The organization is a non profit staffed by volunteers from within the oil industry. The group's primary focus is on running events- lectures by visiting industry experts, sports days out and the like. 

These events usually require a cover fee and are ticketed to cover event costs and general society overhead. When engages these processes were handled by an external provider, which of course took a portion of the proceeds. Also the overall system was not very efficient. 

The solution we created incorporates a calendar based event handler and ticketing system. Designated site administrators can easily add and manage events into the system. Also they can set a pre-determined number of available tickets. As users purchase the tickets directly through the public facing website, the system accounts for all purchased tickets so no event can possibly be oversold. The end result is a streamlined all in one solution that relies on no plugins or external interfaces.Viewable at 

A third oil firm who came knocking was Patriot Well Services. With the dissolution of a rival company Patriot was able to position themselves to obtain many of their assets. Given the scenario they were in quick need of a much more credible web presence.

Patriot provides a range of services in the oil sector. The end resulting site was fully custom built on the Stempora CMS framework. One of the key problems to solve was how to present the wide range of services in a manner easily assimilated by the website audience. Patriot Well can be viewed here: