Multi-Hazard CAFS


For Military & Hazmat

With the growing threat of chemical agent and biological hazards, it creates a significant danger to the military and civilian population. The compressed air foam systems (CAFS) by Intelagard can reduce those risks. Over a decade of testing and use by US and foreign militaries in disaster and recovery operations substantiates the effectiveness of Intelagard’s CAFS and Deacon solutions.

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Intelagard Compressed Air Foam Systems

For Fighters & First Responders

The remarkable extinguishing properties of the Compressed Air Foam Systems proves the effectiveness of the CAFS. This allows an increase firefighting capacity while reducing maintenance and manpower which is crucial for emergency response teams. Water-supported engine models will become a thing of the past as a more effective Compressed Air Foam Systems (CAFS)takes its place. Intelagard has a 30-year track record of innovation, safety and development of CAFS for the fire industry.

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What is a Compressed Air Foam System?

A Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) is a pumping system where compressed air is added to a solution to create foam. Compressed air, whether powered by a compressor or high-pressure air cylinder, propels the foam farther than aspirated or standard water nozzles, and produces a more stable foam structure than aspirated systems do.

Decontamination Solutions



Select from 3 Intelagard’s family of multi-purpose solutions designed to work in a variety of settings & high-risk exposure environments.

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