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Big Orange Planet is a designer and developer of e-commerce and Wordpress websites located in Denver, Colorado

What We Do

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The Basics

We design and construct deliverables that look great and perform flawlessly on the web and in print. We create online website stores, we build content managed web frameworks, we brand companies. We perform search engine optimization and internet marketing, we help launch online web presences, and we improve existing ones. We love what we do and it shows.

Content Managed Websites

A content managed web solution places the website owner firmly in charge of all on-site updates. This allows instant real time updates of critical areas such as News/Blog and Store Items.
Our Denver Colorado web developers have engineered our own in-house system that can be modified to fit any set of requirements. We also work in Joomla, WordPress and other open source CMS platforms.
Having full control of your website content is not just an advantage, its an absolute necessity.

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Denver SEO and web design


Our graphic designers and artists are highly skilled in logo design and development, and creation of business identity packages. A great brand resides in the combination of visual appeal and evocation of strong feelings (often subliminally). From business card design to logos and full campaigns, let us help your operation build its image and revenue stream.

E-Commerce Websites

We tailor customized e-commerce frameworks that cover all facets of getting an online store up and running.
Start converting traffic to revenue today! We highly recommend applying our proprietary E-commerce and CMS framework, which our engineers can adapt to integrate with any required third party applications- such as X-Cart or OS-Commerce.
The store on the high street is moving to the web more and more- take advantage of these new opportunities.

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Denver Search engine optimization in Colorado


What’s that you say? It goes without saying that developing a great website serves no purpose unless it draws significant traffic and user interaction. On and off-site search engine optimization is a vital weapon in your marketing arsenal. We offer several SEO packages based on budget requirements to boost your online exposure and web conversion revenue.And about those google algorithmn updates?- yes we know about those, they tend to sort the wheat from the chaff. A lot of folk threw in the towel when good SEO rankings became hard to achieve, but we won’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How much will my website cost?
    A. Every project is different. We can only issue a reliable quote after we obtain detailed specifications.


  • Q. Why should I hire Big Orange Planet when there are so many other options available?
    A.We are honest and very well versed in the field we inhabit. We always immerse ourselves in the latest technologies right away, to the lasting benefit of our clients. Have a good look at our work and that of other candidates. Notice any difference?


  • Q. What hidden costs exist?
    A. None. All websites require a web hosting server and a domain name. The minimal fees associated with these items are payable by all web site owners.


  • Q. Are your products guaranteed?
    A. We guarantee our code from bugs for one full year from site launch.
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Click here for explanations of web technical terminology


PHP is a very widely used open source scripting language, one of the most common languages used in web development.
It generates html on the server side which can then be viewed by the client, making it a great tool for content management.


Cascading Style Sheets is a language used to describe the format and look of any document written in a markup language- most commonly used to style html website pages.


HTML is the most widely used markup language used by website developers.It consists of elements enclosed in opening and closing tags that tell web browsers how to interpret the website’s pages.


Javascript is an interpreted dynamic programming language commonly used in web development to allow for user interaction via client side scripting.

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