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wedding market place site

Online Wedding Product Market Place

We’re soon to launch Invites by Web- an online store for wedding invitations and related collateral. The project entails building a community of designers wishing to sell their creations through the website platform on a revenue sharing basis.
This concept has been successfully proven in other fields, but not in this field to our knowledge.
The consumer benefits by having a wide variety of design styles for their big day readily available to choose from, while

being easily affordable.
Freelance designers of course benefit from the opportunity to do what they like best, make money from their couch!
By providing the vehicle we facilitate both buyers and sellers.

This project has been a lot of fun to create and we are looking forward to see it take its place on the web. Its exciting

how many designers we already have on board. We’ll update this post when we go live.

fluid website movement

Movement is Design

There are numerous methods to make a website stand out. At Big Orange planet we place much emphasis on advanced design techniques. We regard slick movement as equally important to image selection and color combination choice. Navigationmouse over effects, page transition styles, image load styles, are just a few of the many different areas we can positively influence a user’s overall experience using moving onsite elements.

The days of flash usage on websites are in the past- however javascript can be a very powerful animation tool when
correctly implemented. There are numerous examples of site movement we’ve created over on our work page.

custom content managed open source php framework

A Superior Content Managed Framework

We have been working very hard for quite some time now on our new content management system. Its primary features are ultimate flexibility in a secure environment, and easy modular addition. The framework has now been released open source. This is the third, and by far the most powerful version released in the past 8 years.
Written in PHP, its targeted for use by developers and business people alike.

Some of the new modules include:

*Multiple payment gateway integration-, paypal, stripe and braintree, with easy addition of others.
*Advanced widget support.
*Easily integrated parallax site movement.
*Social media account and SEO integration.
*Stock alert and update feature.
*Easy monthly subscription integration
*Multiple media insert types allowed
*Multi-language option

There are many different choices for a content managed website solution. If you’d like to test drive the very best please drop us a line, and we can direct you to our demo. Also we offer this CMS to any developer who wishes to use it totally free of charge! Yep that’s right free- just drop us a line.

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