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Some examples of e-commerce and HTML5 engines we have developed that point to the future of the web.
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custom e-commerce design for denver area online lingerie store

Custom E-Commerce Website

The website shown was custom designed using as a form of inspiration. No templates or themes were involved- all pages were laid out in photoshop and reworked to the point of client approval. Once the web page designs including the shopping cart interface were complete we proceeded to the coding phase. (the normal web development process.)

We proceeded to slice the page images into codeable components and generate the html and css files needed to bring the website to life.
From there it was time to install the content managed framework. Over the years we have continued to progress this system to the point of ultimate modular flexibility. Re-purposing the core and installing new modules as needed we generated a highly functional and user appealing website

interior design website for a top Colorado designer

The Internet Changes- So Should You!

Approximately 6 years ago we built a website in Flash for a highly talented interior designer here locally. The client couldn’t have been happier with the end result and kept the website as his portfolio online until 2012.

As mentioned though, it is the nature of the web to continually evolve and change. Adobe Flash has regrettably suffered for web application with the inexorable rise of mobile devices.

It was time to move on, so we remade the website with a near identical design using javascript animation instead of flash. The results can be seen here- new version and here- flash version

e-commerce website template framework

Can’t Afford Custom E-Commerce Development?

E-commerce enabled websites tend to require a lot of development time when done right. And the old cliche is true- time is money.To combat this we engineered a solution called fluxglide.

It is a highly scalable framework in HTML5 that has a tremendous degree of flexibility. Using the engine as a starting point we can provide affordable e-commerce websites that retain a highly professional quality and functionality.

Contact us with any questions. The fluxglide system is also available for developer purchase.

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