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We provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services in the Denver Colorado area and beyond.

Search Engine OptimizationIt is no secret that Google’s algorithmns have changed very extensively over the past couple of years. Many¬†SEO¬†agencies have thrown in the towel as the ‘traditional methods have become more and more obsolete. The updates known as Panda and Penguin (and also EMD or ‘Exact Match Domain’) have in essence involved Google taking a hatchet and taking some huge chops at the SEO firm industry as a whole, figuratively speaking of course.





SEO is not dead! Yes the game has changed radically, but this is a great opportunity if you take the correct approach.

We see a huge opportunity not a burden because search engine rankings have always been and will continue to be, largely competition driven. Given the new world order of the very nature of SEO, there have been radical paradigm shifts with huge numbers of agencies and individuals giving up in despair. With less competition, higher organically SEO generated rankings are more attainable.

The methodology has drastically changed for sure. Gone are the days when spammy backlinks from blog commenting will do you any good for example. But backlinks are still a hugely important factor in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages).
What has become vital is getting the right types of backlinks.

Onpage factors are as important as ever, in fact we’ve identified several new SEO strategies to boost your rankings that require little effort. And niche authority along with social signals become ever more important.
At Big Orange Planet we continue to stay abreast of the rapidly changing sphere of organic search marketing- let us help you to dominate your own business niche and grow your business income.

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Don’t forget to tag your images with alt and description tags.


Embed a video and inform google you’ve done so..


Backlinks are still the biggest factor in SEO.


Vary your anchor text continually not losing site of your primary keywords.

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