Denver Web Design | Art museum interface for Mortenson Construction
A custom interface design created for Mortenson Construction that acts as a file manager interface for a large Art Museum project.



Art Museum Electronic Interface

Category: Business, Custom Content Managed, Flash, Informational


Mortenson Construction needed a User Interface to rotate the Art Museum 360 degrees, and show
files related to hotspots on the building. Ricardo Khan of Mortenson says of the project:
“Your solution enabled our customers to get access to the project in a simple and easy way.

This solution organized thousands of documents that related to the project’s complex enclosure system.
We call this a customer electronic O&M interface. (Operations & Maintenance)
This interface eliminated over a dozen 3″ paper binders of information into one electronic dashboard.”

The file was originally developed in After Effects from a series of 72 elevation images and then a full 360 degrees rotation was put in place.From there we imported the resultant file into Flash and developed the interactive interface. The programming was performed in PHP and scripts were written to dynamically write xml files that described every pdf file that Mortenson needed to make available.

While most of our denver web design firm’s¬†projects are online web sites, this application was specifically designed as a standalone running as an executable file.
Using 4 very different disciplines i.e. Flash, After Effects, PHP and XML we succeeding in attaining the end goal- which is an unparalleled application.
















Video: Application Development

A custom standalone application development in XML, PHP and After Effects