Denver Web Design | CMYK vs RGB
Print jargon explained in the world of RGB and CMYK- tech terms used by designers and printers.

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New Year, New CMS

10 Feb 2015, Posted by Ally in Business, Custom CMS, Denver Web Design, Uncategorized

We have been working very hard for quite some time now on our new content management system.Some screenshots are attached to this post. Its primary features are ultimate flexibility in a secure environment, and easy modular addition. Some of the new modules include: *Multiple payment…

What’s Really Involved in Development of a Website?- A Handy Guide to Help Counter Unrealistic Expectations.

18 Jun 2014, Posted by Ally in Business, Industry News, Infographics, Web Development Process

As the owner of a website development company, I am often confronted with unrealistic project timeline (or budget) expectations by prospective clients. The most likely reason for a less than feasible time/financial budget is that these folks do not understand how the process of creating…

Brochure Design Denver

14 May 2014, Posted by Ally in Brochure Design, Business, Graphic Design

Put your business’ best foot forward with effective call to action graphics on a brochure. Big Orange Planet offers compelling print design services to illustrate what your company can do for its clients.Print design for flyers,catalogs and brochures when done properly will give you the…

Denver Logo Design

08 May 2014, Posted by Ally in Business, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Print

A brand begins with a logo- a visual communications synopsis. Our design team in Denver create stunning logo concepts from inception to delivery. When developing a logo there are numerous questions you need to ask. Firstly who is the target audience? Logos can be for…