Bigorangeplanet | CMYK vs RGB
Print jargon explained in the world of RGB and CMYK- tech terms used by designers and printers.



What’s Really Involved in Development of a Website?- A Handy Guide to Help Counter Unrealistic Expectations.

18 Jun 2014, Posted by Ally in Business, Industry News, Infographics, Web Development Process

As the owner of a website development company, I am often confronted with unrealistic project timeline (or budget) expectations by prospective clients. The most likely reason for a less than feasible time/financial budget is that these folks do not understand how the process of creating…

Snakes & Ladders of Web Design

20 Oct 2013, Posted by Ally in Business, Cool Stuff, Industry News

We created this infographic recently to illustrate the overall web design process in a light-hearted fashion. While not intended as a serious view of how the process unfolds, certainly it displays the overall types of ups and downs that can be experienced. The infographic itself…

RGB vs CMYK explained.

28 Oct 2013, Posted by sarah in Business, Industry News, Print

    As designers, we all use two color ranges (or “gamuts”), interchangeably and constantly in daily life; the print ready CMYK gamut and the digital perfect RGB The problem is there is a disparity in “identical colors” when viewed through either of these two…

Santa’s Grotto Facts and Figures

18 Dec 2013, Posted by Ally in Infographics, Memes, Uncategorized

While the corporate and small business worlds remain keenly aware of the working conditions and opinions of their employees and contractors, what about the magical world? We talked to Santa Claus himself and conducted a major elf survey along with numerous one-on-one interviews of working…