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Denver web design by Big Orange Planet, a company who provide compelling visual design with firm responsive website development for Colorado.
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Welcome to our Denver Colorado web design and development company.

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Mission.. to provide the very best websites available, both from an aesthetic and technological standpoint. Compelling, effective, and highly efficient communication of your brand is the pillar.Our Denver website development agency provides all this and more.
Your business deserves better than average to help it thrive. Here at Big Orange Planet, average is considered a four letter word.

Services..We have been serving the Denver metro area and the state of Colorado for 13 years, and we know what we’re doing. Each website our studio develops is uniquely tailored to its target audience.
Please have a look at the successful projects we’ve completed for a wide variety of businesses- we always put our best foot forward for our clients.

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Graphical user interface design matters – a lot. That’s why our Design phase is completely iterative and allows your team to provide actionable feedback every step of the way. In fact, we value good web design so much that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our development deliverables. This means your website will look and feel exactly the way you want it to!
We will provide only original, high-quality, custom design solutions by following these guidelines:
Premium online presence: a visually appealing design that will reflect your requirements, ambitions and aspirations.
Responsive design: a versatile mobile-optimization solution that is platform-agnostic and very usable on smartphones and tablets.
User-oriented: enhanced usability and effortless interaction that will maximize the success of your technical goals.
Intuitive navigation: always-on structured menu and strategic quick links that provide an easy path to critical website areas.
Functional architecture: a website design that highlights the most important information and features.
Cross-browser compatibility: consistent design that makes your website function optimally on any screen size and any platform (IE10+, latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)

We spend a lot of time on planning, much of the work goes into the information architecture, the wireframe designs and choosing the right design elements. It is our strong belief that all subsequent page designs are as important as the homepage. These are the pages that the website users are looking for after all, and we make sure that every page is styled and designed for the content that is being showcased.

Spend a little time surfing the web and one quickly observes enormous variances in quality level from one website to the next. Our firm prizes high quality website generation. Here’s how to reach that goal:

1. Discovery/Planning

A thorough discovery process needs to be undertaken and a firm well structured plan to be generated. Knowing what you are building is vital. Onsite processes, page titles, and brand message need to be established before entering any design and build effort. It’s key to know exactly what you are making, and why. Creation of a sitemap (a site skeleton diagram), and page wire frames is very important in this phase, which the site stakeholder should sign off on before design begins.

2. Design

Design will always come before development, and the home page should always be the first page tackled, as it does in effect define the website look, feel, and message.Well thought out usage of font and color is of course super important. But the key to designing the ultimate website is seeing the big picture- the overall user experience. Your audience will gauge the quality of your home page in a fraction of a second- this seemingly unlikely fact has been confirmed by numerous studies. Clean, inviting, professional, engaging, sharp, modern, responsive– these are just some of the descriptors commonly applied to what website owners and their audiences want to experience from their web designers.


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This innovative solution, designed in-house from the ground up, offers dozens of PHP instance and global modules specifically tailored to address non-technical staff users’ requirements through our robust web Content Management System (CMS).
Our enterprise-level platform will provide a consistent set of features and tools, that will fulfill any and all specific requirements. It is the backbone of the whole system, powering the website and also facilitating the data interchange between site users, administrators, and the website front end..

Key Features:
PHP5+ object-oriented programming (OOP) technique; modular structure.
Easy content publishing and updating: powered by a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Content Editor that offers style formatting, spell checking, and multimedia management.
Access levels per module: allow multiple users to work on your website by giving them different access levels and permissions.
Separate frontend display rules: by simply clearing a checkbox in the CMS, you can set each menu item/page/section to appear only on desktops, tablets and/or mobile phones.
Dynamic widgets: whenever content is updated in that widget, the updates are applied to every page where the widget appears, saving valuable time and ensuring consistency.
New pages by clicking: flexibility to create new pages based on instance modules with incorporated custom design.
Tablet-ready: 100% responsive, designed and tested so you can really use all the CMS features effortlessly and remotely even from a tablet.
Apple compatibility: the CMS has no Flash components at all, so it will work perfectly on all Apple devices.
Stable and secure: manual switch HTTP/HTTPS (with auto-redirects) for entire website or just for protected modules, no 3rd party PHP extensions/plugins, fully protected/tested for MYSQL Injection, custom errors handler and email notification.

3. File Preparation

Designing for the web responsively means always thinking about how the end result will look on different device types, and adjusting accordingly. This also segways into slicing in Photoshop, which is a key component of any website build that is unlikely to be a process understood by non-web developers. So what does slicing in this context mean exactly? Here at our Colorado website development studio, we define slicing as the process of preparing photoshop source files (.psds) for front end web development., which involves breaking larger files into smaller, codeable components. To perform the procedure optimally for maximal compatibility across all device types, use of a responsive CSS framework is highly encouraged. Elements will be repositioned to fit the screen without horizontal scrolling required, while fonts and buttons may get larger or smaller for a better overall user experience.

4. Front End Development

The next step is moving on to front end development. The front end relates to what users can see and interact with, for example an image they can view or a button they can click. The fundamental code components of the front end of a website are HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is the core building block of any web page. CSS overlays other elements and defines style, colors, and how the page will respond to different devices. Javascript is used to define how the on page elements move, along with interactive elements such as navigation dropdowns. Movement is an often overlooked yet critical aspect of successful design for the web. Fluid transitions that are subtle yet classy will drive your website up to the next level.

5. Back End Development

Then there is back end development, which relates to what the user does not see, yet controls the website much like the brain controls the body. It covers any action the user performs such as filling in a contact form or adding items to a shopping cart, that gets transmitted to the web server and returns results. A server-side scripting language such as PHP is used to query the web server and return results to the user via modified front end code- so they will see an additional item in their shopping cart for example. It goes without saying this aspect of the web build needs to perform flawlessly. A solid framework and excellent use of code by an experienced developer is absolutely necessary.

If you’ve covered all the points above to perfection, its now time to test and launch your website- best of luck!
Let our agency help with the process- its complicated!

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Step 1: Develop a website that places you head and shoulders above your competition  

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 Step 3: Market your internet presence across the search engine and social media channels 

The result is more than 100% you noticed?











Our Navigator..

Was an accountant and a network engineer before founding Big Orange Planet’s firm.

Our Creative Director..

Once dug up medieval plague victims in London as an archaeologist,before becoming a website designer.

Our Lead Tech Geek..

Has a penchant for fast cars and motorbikes (along with being a website designing geek).He also ran an SEO company for some time.

Our Project Manager..

Survived an earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand and loves wordpress and netting new projects for Big Orange Planet.

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